My Vision

Throughout my journey in life, I aspire to listen to nature’s everlasting notes and whispers, in which I have found its message, built on love and harmony, the beauty and wisdom of nature taught me how to find the silver lining.. In the midst of darkness .. I also learned that love, peace and justice can shine and brighten the way..

I wanted to share those beautiful feelings with you.. so I chose a language that is still and silent; with no letters.. The language of color, a universal language for all humanity, that reaches the soul and the conscience..

Now we can listen together to a beautiful melody, to the music of virtue and love, profoundly serving humanity.. created by the symphony of life..

Mawada Allak     2013  USA      Visit the Art Gallery



Name: Nadia salman

اختي الحبيبه موده اتمني لك كل النجاح و الموفقيه، وانت جديره بذلك لوحاتك أعادتني لأيام بغداد الجميلة وأيامنا الحلوة التي عشنها سويه

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