Mawada is an original, sincere and passionate human being. All this is reflected in her colorful and genuine art work. Her paintings have a lot of her self and radiate a wonderful and positive way of looking at the graceful and beautiful aspects of life.  It is a real pleasure to own her art work to remind you of how positive and cheerful life is.

                                                            – Mohamed Allak, Virginia, USA

Life 4

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To my mind Mawada has been always a symbol of physical and abstract beauty, beaming with love and passion for life in general and to her surroundings in particular; everything she touches or creates is artistic and beautiful.

 Therefore, both her sense of beauty and love are together reflected in her paintings, depicting her attachment to the world she lives in represented mainly by the land. To her the land is not only dotted with natural beauty; flowers and colour, but also with some of the human touches that contribute to its landscape and spiritual beauty. Some of her signs are the simple basic lines of architecture in addition to some very basic Iraqi folklore creations, like the seven eyes and the crescent, which invoke depth in history, memories and nostalgia as well.

                                                         – Khadija Allak, U.K.

Mawada is an inspiring woman; enthusiastic about life and always optimistic and that reflects on her work as an Architect and as an Artist.

Her paintings are reflection of the love and appreciation of beauty and life that she practices in every aspect of her life.

Through her work , She shares with all the beauty and music in life.

Enjoy and be inspired !!

                                                          – Basma Kindi, NS Canada

Flowers2                                        Painting 15

Mesmerizing… Each painting tells a powerful story.

Mum has the ability to see beauty in everything, a gift she has given us in a very humble way through out life in general and reflects on everything.. An exceptional woman in every sense..

                                                          – Ban Kindi,  New Zealand
IMG_0024-2w                                                   988488_10151407267331324_709469161_n

If you happen to know “Mawada’s world”, her tremendous efforts throughout the years and her amazing ability to find architecture solutions with a touch of brave creativity; you will not be surprised by her new passion for paint, use of color, paint brush and the virgin paint board, pouring down her electrifying ideas, melodies and maybe even her blocked nightmares.

It all comes back to our first and eternal love..  Iraq..

                                                            – Moayad Al Haidari , Czech Republic


                                                            – Amal Al Karaghouly, United Kingdom

Mawada, you brought beauty and love to life and the world. Good luck and God bless you.

                                                           – Dr. Kadum Abbud, USA

Mawada, I start my greeting with your name..

Architect and artist Mawada Allak, has accomplished great deal of success in her field with outstanding results.

Not to mention the rich inheritance of stories and memories as Mawada grew up in the goodness of the great civilization of Iraq, as well as alot of other factors that contributed to her unique work that combined the Iraqi culture ; Al Wassitti work, Al Baghdadiat and more…

 So.. like a bird soaring over the skies of Baghdad, looking deeply with her incredible eyes, combining the heritage with the modern to create a unique mold, to ease the feelings of being away from her homeland..

 Mawada is now playing original and highly artistic Iraqi melodies.. Sending messages to the whole world; This is Iraq.. This is Baghdad, and this is how rich and deep its history goes..

 Mawada’s art work deserves not to hang on a concrete wall.. It deserves to be displayed on clear crystals to emphasize its glory and freedom, and I hope it won’t be framed so it stays free to breathe, to give hope and love for the dream to come true..

 I wish you Mawada more creativity..

                                                       – Ali Al Jabiri, Painter and sculptor, Italy